Zhang Xiaoquan Inc.
Zhang Xiaoquan Inc.

Digital Activation Of Enterprise New Potential -- Zhang Xiaoquan Sap Erp Project Launch

On the afternoon of August 10th, Zhang Xiaoquan, together with SAP and Shanghai Jiuhui Information Technology Co., Ltd. held the SAP-ERP project launch meeting. Zhang Xiaoquan president Qianliang Xia, Yongjian Wang, Jun Cui, Xianyu Wang, Xinyao Zhang and other senior leaders, SAP, vice President, general manager of east growth companies Dapeng zhao, president of Shanghai Jiu Hui XiaoJu Zu and other leaders attended the meeting, project leading group, the project management office, each module leader, key users, IT internal consultant and Jiuhui implementation of the advisory group members to attend.

This project mainly for Zhang Xiaoquan Inc, Yangjiang intelligent manufacturing, small appliances and electricity corporation and 6 subsidiary appliance merchant, a total of 10 companies, aims to further enhance the company operational management ability, to speed up the pace of digital transformation, to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the commodity production, circulation and sales process and restore the structure of the formats and the ecosystem, Construction process management system,  production, supply and marketing integration management system, management and control integration system, industry and finance integration and other systems.

Liqiang Zheng, the leader of Jiuhui Implementation Advisory Group, reported the implementation results of the project at the present stage, explained the plan and requirements for the next stage, and explained the key elements of successful implementation of the project based on the past implementation experience of the implementation advisory group.

Xinyao Zhang, assistant president and project director, issued appointment letters to the leaders of each module and key users of SAP project.

Xianyu Wang, vice president and project irector, issued the rules and regulations of Zhang Xiaoquan 's SAP ERP project.

Dapeng Zhao, Vice president of SAP China and general manager of growth enterprises in the Eastern Region, and Xiaoju Zu, president of Shanghai Jiuhui, made speeches respectively, saying that they would do their best to support and provide services to ensure the smooth implementation of Zhang Xiaoquan's project.

In the end, Qianliang Xia, president of the company made a concluding speech, he pointed out that digital transformation is of great significance to the company's strategic development with the rapid development of the company. The ERP implementation project jointly launched with SAP and Jiuhui is a strong guarantee for the rational allocation of existing resources, reduction of operating costs, improvement of work efficiency and digital transformation of the company.

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