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With the continuous pursuit of high efficiency and low production cost in the kitchen knives manufacturing industry, our factory promotes intelligent modern production lines and precision manufacturing technology to make the products with high efficiency.

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Mold Design

New mold design for your kitchen knives custom order is welcome. Based on our strong ability of R&D team. You can send us any new designs of renderings and TD. We will make mold for your accordingly, pattern and shape of blades, handle and so on.

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New Materials

About new material:Sandvik steel is 10 Cr stainless steel. The hardness can reach 58-60 degrees after quenching, with good durability and sharpness. It is a premium quality material which is made of kitchen knives now. 

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Test Requirement

We have our own testing office. Test requirements for kitchen knives should be product composition analysis, hardness test,sharpness test,strength test,bending test,salt spray test. To make sure our knives quality is high enough.


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