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Zhangxiaoquan Non-stick Heat Resistan BPA-Free Cooking Utensils Set

The cooking utensils is made from food-grade material. and BPA free. Safe cooking. friendly and non-stick.

Solid holder base ensures utensils fit properly without tipping over .The circular opening at the bottom ensures that the cooking utensils in the holder is always kept in a dry environment. Zhang Xiaoquan, we pride ourselves in focusing and meeting the customer’s needs.

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Specifications Of Non-stick Heat Resistan BPA-Free Cooking Utensils Set

BrandZhang Xiaoquan
MaterialSilicone+Rubber wood+Nylon
ColorBlue or Pantone color
Size & Weight of flat spoon6.5*31.5cm / 100g
Size & Weight of slotted spoon7*31cm / 65g
Size & Weight of solid turner8*32cm / 70g
Size & Weight of spatula spoon7*31.5cm / 75g
Size & Weight of ladle8*32cm / 80g
Size & Weight of spaghetti spoon6.2*31cm / 80g
Size & Weight of brush4*27.5cm / 50g
Size & Weight of slotted turner8*32cm / 70g
Size & Weight of sercing spoons7*31cm / 70g
Size & Weight of Egg whisk6*24.5cm / 37g
Size & Weight of Tongs3.5*37.5cm / 108g
Size & Weight of storage bucket12*16cm / 118g
Is Dishwasher SafeYes
PackagingGift box
Country of OriginChina

Features Of Non-stick Heat Resistan BPA-Free Cooking Utensils Set

  • MEDIUM SOFTNESS, NON-STICK FRIENDLY.  BPA FREE.  It is not scratched and the comfort of use is guaranteed.

  • Heat Resistant (-40°F/446°F).Easy to clean

  • Food grade silicone & BPA-Free Material,ensure the health of the people.

  • Natural wooden handle prevents heat transfer and protects hands well.


Gallery Of Non-stick Heat Resistan BPA-Free Cooking Utensils Set

10 cooking tools and equipment
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