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Bread Knife

Zhangxiaoquan Bread Knife

Bread knives are designed to help you easy cut bread and other food that is hard on the outside but soft in the middle such as cake, etc. Our Bread Knives are good for your kitchen work and outdoor pinic. Zhang Xiaoquan Cutlery 8" Bread Knife won't crumble or squash fresh bread and bagels.

Zhang Xiaoquan Bread Knife Benefits

Zhang Xiaoquan Bread Knife Benefits

Premium quality stainless steel to make fine cut and stay sharp for your Bread knives. Forge construction provide balanced of blade with handle for you. Ergonomic grip make you feel comfortable touching even when the handle is wet. Whether party, knife work, but also make kitchen cooks the work of loving their work by using our Bread knives. Zhang Xiaoquan should be your best choice for the kitchen knives wholesale.

How Well Does Zhang Xiaoquan Bread Knife Slice

The Zhang Xiaoquan Cutlery 8" Bread Knife will gently cut through any kind of bread, from soft homemade loaves and buns to round ciabatta and hefty French loaves. Useful on more than bread; it will cut through pound cake and angel food cake and do it without smashing or crumbling, thanks to the small, sharp, single-sided serrations. Protect your buns and breads with our 8 inch Bread Knife.

How Well Does Zhang Xiaoquan Bread Knife Slice
How Comfortable Is Bread Knife To Hold Knives

How Comfortable Is Bread Knife To Hold

Ergonomic shape handle is very sleek, light and of course, beautiful. he handle on the bread knife is made from permanently cast stainless steel forge and ABS, which make you feel comfotable when you hold the knives. The special design of hanlde, suitable for all hand type.

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