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Electric Skillets

Zhangxiaoquan Electric Skillets

ZHANGXIAOQUAN Multi-function Electric Skillet uses ceramic glaze and food grade PP as material, which is health and safety, and the coating is not easy to fall off, scratch-resistant,so it can be used for a long time,.The food grade material can withstand 120 degrees of high temperature, ensuring safe heating without worrying about fragmentation.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Skillets

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Skillets

No harm to health. The non-sticky liner is made from ceramic, which is safe and healthy, non-toxic and harmless, no PFOA.Meanwhile,it is easy to clean.The steamer and pot body are food grade PP material,which is high and low temperature resistant,.The pot body is double, so that is not hot, you can use it directly by your hands.

Multi-Purpose Use Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Skillets

1.The electric skillet is equipped with a steamer that can steam pumpkin and corn,etc.

2.It can also meet the needs of frying, stewing, hotpot and other functions, once to meet the basic dietary needs of your life, you can fry steak,egg,fried rice, ramen, oatmeal and soup.It is suitable for 2-3 people to use.

Multi-Purpose Use Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Skillets
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