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Zhangxiaoquan Rice Cookers

ZHANG XIAOQUAN rice cooker takes a beautiful, healthy and delicious as theme, is designed for a small family of 1-3 people, which provides three different tastes of rice: soft and glutinous,chewy and grain rice. It has four modes of reservation, heat preservation, hot rice and high-temperature cleaning, providing people with a healthy and simple life.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Rice Cookers

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Rice Cookers

There are two inner liners are using to cook and separate rice and soup.

The interface is intelligent and touch-controlled.

High-temperature cleaning function. With a 102 high-temperature cleaning function, you can disinfect the daily tableware, and keep the inner liner clean.

A 19-hour appointment function. Make an appointment to cook in the morning and eat directly in the evening.

Durable and healthy.

Zhang Xiaoquan Rice Cookers Materials Selection

In Zhangxiaoquan kitchen appliances wholesale production line, there are mainly 2 types materials for rice cookers

304 Stainless Steel: Food grade stainless steel, free of harmful substances, healthy and durable, corrosion resistance, good toughness. 

Silicone: the leather rim is made of silicone material, which can be disassembled and easy to clean the inner cover.

Zhang Xiaoquan Rice Cookers Materials Selection
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