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Zhangxiaoquan 9 Pcs Nylon Cooking Kitchen utensil Set

The 9pcs utensils includes slotted spatula, whisk, ladle, spoon, potato masher, slotted spoon, spatula, spaghetti server, skimmer. Which fully meet your basic needs in the kitchen. At the same time, Zhang Xiaoquan products materials is still healthy material, so that you use at ease.

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Specifications Of 9 Pcs Nylon Cooking Kitchen utensil Set

Product TypeCooking Utensils
Slotted Spatula Size33.5×9cm
Slotted Spatula Weight76.43g
Whisk Size33×6.5cm
Whisk Weight87.86g
Ladle Size32×9cm
Ladle Weight88g
Potato Masher Size38.5×10cm
Potato Masher Weight82.65g
Skimmer Size33.5×10.5cm
Skimmer Weight79.58g
Spaghetti Server Size33.5×6.7cm
Spaghetti Server Weight76.85g
Spatula Size33×9cm
Spatula Weight84.45g
Spoon Size33.6×7cm
Spoon Weight77.89g
Slotted Spoon Size34×7cm
Slotted Spoon Weight74.65g
MOQ3000 pcs
Delivery time30 Days

Features Of 9 Pcs Nylon Cooking Kitchen utensil Set

  • The handle is made of stainless steel with good stability.

  • Save space and easy to receive.There are the design of hanging holes, which is convenient to hang, easy to take and easy to put.


Gallery Of 9 Pcs Nylon Cooking Kitchen utensil Set

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