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ZHANG XIAOQUAN air fryer with healthy and delicious, large capacity as the theme, focuses on creating a healthy and beautiful life for customers. It can control temperature intelligently. So if you are kitchen beginner, you can also easily operate it and cook all kinds of delicacies. After party, It is easy to clean because of non-stick material.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Air Fryers

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Air Fryers

Healthy oil-free and efficient:In many traditional cooking methods, many foods will have a lot of fat and unhealthy, such as fried chicken, French fries, etc., but in the ZHANG XIAOQUAN air fryers 360°hot air circulation, heating up rapidly, so that the food is heated evenly, which is high efficiency while reducing the loss of delicious food.

Easy to clean:The basket use non-stick coating material for easy to clean after cooking.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

1.Put the food in the basket, then add a small amount of oil and seasoning, after stir evenly, choose the right time and temperature (you can choose the time and temperature according to the Intelligent recommendation).

2.After the working time, pull out the basket, the air fryer automatically stop working to ensure safety.If tasted insufficient, you can pull in the basket,air fryers will continue to work automatically. Ensure that the food fits your taste.

How Do Air Fryers Work?
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Zhang Xiaoquan Air Fryers Materials Knives

Zhang Xiaoquan Air Fryers Materials

Non-stick material:The non-stick coating is easy to clean after cooking.

Plastic:This is a good material that can resists high temperature, corrosion and heat, so it is very suitable as the outer layer material of the air fryer.

Glass: This is part of an air fryer, so that you can see the food status instantly.

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