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Zhangxiaoquan Tailor Scissors

Zhang Xiaoquan tailor scissors is divided into manual scissors and electric scissors, manual scissors includes tailor scissors and small sewing scissors two kinds, which basically meet the demand of the garment industry scissors. Zhang Xiaoquan tailor scissors for left hand handedness developed the special left hand scissors, making this kind of customers can comfortable use scissors to cut. For the different needs of customers, the scissors has passed different processes, making the customer can rest assured choice Zhang Xiaoquan scissors.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Tailor Scissors

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Tailor Scissors

Long use not make you hand tired. the handle is human body design, which can use long time but not ache.

Scissors bulk wholesale with good wear resistance. the blade is passed professional heat treatment process, so that it is sharp and durable.

Zhang Xiaoquan tailor scissors is made of 65 Mn steel, which has high hardness, good rust resistance and good toughness.

The blade mouth has been carefully ground, and after special treatment, making it a high hardness and wear resistance.

Fabric Scissors Vs Normal Scissors


Compared with ordinary scissors, tailor scissors are made of higher hardness and more wear-resistant materials, which can make a higher sharpness in use, can easily glide their way through any fabric, and bring users a better use experience.


Because the design of clothing has specific requirements, which means that the tailor scissors must ensure accurate results when cutting, and in the cutting edge of the fabric, it must be clean and sharp, but the conventional scissors are difficult to do this.

Fabric Scissors Vs Normal Scissors
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