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Introducing the meat cleaver's usage: the Chinese Vegetable Cleaver, the Chinese Santoku Cleaver, our outstandingly Cleavers Knives and our BEST CHOPPING KNIVES. These Cleavers is specially make you easy for choping the vegetables, cut through boneless meats and more! A variety of designs are offered to meet the needs of any kitchen.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Cleaver Knife

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Cleaver Knife

With a thick and heavy blade, our Cleavers help chefs and butcher to perform many difficult tasks. For the cooking tasks that require a more thick blade, Zhang Xiaoquan is ready for you! Use for cutting through thin or soft bones, or through hard vegetables such as squash. With advantage of Long-lasting, sharp edge for cutting, it sells well in the kitchen knives wholesale markets.

How To Find The Perfect Cleaver

A cleaver can be used for a variety of purposes. Meat cleavers can make easy work of meat and bones, and vegetable cleavers make short work of tough vegetables like radishes and potatoes. Consider the length of the blade when you purchase a cleaver. A vegetable cleaver should measure between six and eight inches. A meat cleaver should be a little larger, measuring between seven and nine inches.

How To Find The Perfect Cleaver
Cleaver Vs Chef Knife Knives

Cleaver Vs Chef Knife

The first thing that most western shoppers notice about a Chinese cleaver is its shape. This type of knife usually features a tall, rectangular blade with a completely straight edge and a blunted tip. However,the smaller, pointed shape of a chef’s knife will be more familiar to western cooks.Usage of them is different too.Chinese Cleaver Uses:Cutting through bone (softer bones, not super heavy-duty tasks) Crushing vegetables and herbs.Chef’s Knife Uses:Slicing, dicing, mincing

More delicate meats and fish

Peeling and cutting.

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