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Electric Pressure Cookers

Zhangxiaoquan Electric Pressure Cookers

ZHANG XIAOQUAN electric pressure cooker has the internal liner that is composed of rust resistance,anti-wear layer, aluminum alloy thermal conductivity layer, high cohesion internal coating and non-adhesive coating layer,so it has a good thermal conductivity and durability at the same time.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Pressure Cookers

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Pressure Cookers

1.1.8mm thickened inner liner is durable.

2. 24h appointment function. You can set the cooking end time early, so that you can eat delicious food when you get home.

3. According to the different states of the food ingredients, ZHANG XIAOQUAN electric pressure cooker can adjust the pressure intelligently to achieve delicious food in the shortest time.

4.You can emit high-temperature steam with just touch one button.

5.Easy to clean.

Safety Features Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Pressure Cookers

1.Just press a simple button to reverse eliminate the high temperature steam, keep you away from the vent to avoid contact with high temperature steam.

2.The function of Intelligent control of pressure.

3.When cooking comes to a certain state, it will automatically stop cooking to prevent dry burning.

4.The function of open the cover for protection to avoid burns.

5.Overheat protection and safe-locking lid.

Safety Features Of Zhang Xiaoquan Electric Pressure Cookers
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