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Zhangxiaoquan Household Scissors

Zhang Xiaoquan household scissors is made of high quality steel, which is sharp and stable. It can smoothly cut items, can be suitable for home or office places. Zhang Xiaoquan household scissors is committed to providing you with a convenient and fast life, for you to solve the necessary needs of daily life.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Household Scissors

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Household Scissors

Firm construction. When you use scissors bulk wholesale, do not need to worry about the scissors will suddenly fall apart, Zhang Xiaoquan scissors overall one-time formation, and then with high quality rivet fixed, making the scissors are very stable.

Sharp and durable. Zhang Xiaoquan scissors is made of high quality steel, at the same time fine grinding through the edge, making the use of more sharp.

The handle is comfortable and non-slip. Considering that you may use the scissors for a long time, Zhang Xiaoquan uses a soft plastic material in the inner ring of the handle to ensure your comfort.

Household Scissors Safety

In use, Zhang Xiaoquan scissors meets the sharp characteristics, at the same time, when we do not use scissors, we also on the scissors with cover to ensure safety, to avoid accidental injuries.

Household Scissors Safety
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