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As one of the most leading garden scissor suppliers, Zhang Xiaoquan garden cutting scissors choose different steel for different function blades, for example, the blade needs to be sharp enough, then Zhang Xiaoquan uses SK5 high-quality steel, for example, the upper blade will choose 10B55, Zhang Xiaoquan is good at selecting targeted materials, so that it can make the product play the best effect.

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Garden Scissors

Benefits Of Zhang Xiaoquan Garden Scissors

Safe lock. When these garden cutting scissors are not in use, you can use safe locks to close the blades together to form a closed form, reducing the probability of accidental injuries caused. Also, because the safety lock is stable enough, you don't need to worry about having the blades being turned off when pruning the plant. For top-quality options, look for garden scissor suppliers-Zhang Xiaoquan.

Anti-slip and ergonomic handles. The handle of Zhang Xiaoquan scissors bulk wholesale is designed for the comfort and safety when you use it. The handle is made of anti-skip material to avoid injury when the scissors fall accidentally. The ergonomic handles also reduces the ache when you use it.

What Are Garden Shears Used For

Common garden cutting scissors are generally for branches, shrubs, flowers, etc. For different goals, you can choose different types and sizes of garden cutting scissors to cut. For example, the small garden cutting scissors is for the thinner branches, please do not use it to trim the larger branches, which will damage your scissors. in the higher tree thick branches, you can use the large garden cutting scissors like hedge shear, will save your effort and time.

What Are Garden Shears Used For
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