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Cheese Knife Wholesale

Zhangxiaoquan Cheese Knife Wholesale

Zhang Xiaoquan's bulk Cheese Knives used to cut the most popular types of cheeses with different type of blades that help you for easy cutting the cheese. The blade measures 4-5 inches and the knife has an overall length of 8-9 inches. The cheese knife also has a forked end for serving. The handle on the cheese knife is made from permanently cast stainless steel with a satin finish and is angled for better performance. 

Benefits Of Cheese Knife

Benefits Of Cheese Knife

Benefits of Cheese Knife:This innovative cheese knife will effortlessly cut through an array of cheeses, hard and soft. The unique and gorgeous design makes it the perfect serving knife for a cheese platter.With this complete cheese knife set you are ready for any occasion. From soft brie to hard parmigiano: these knives will cut any cheese down to size.The cheese knives are completely made of stainless steel and are extremely strong. Do not be afraid to cut up even the hardest cheese. Choose Zhangxiaoquan, one of the leading kitchen knife wholesale suppliers.

Cheese Knives For Hard/Soft Cheese

Our cheese Knife is a must have for all cheese lovers. You will slice through creamy, soft cheeses like Brie and hard Cheddar cheese with ease. The unique and gorgeous design makes it the perfect serving knife for a cheese platter at your next party. It features a wide, single-sided serrated edge that is made from 300 series high nickel stainless steel. The ridge on the blade edge gently separates cut cheese without damaging it.

Cheese Knives For Hard/Soft Cheese
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