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Zhangxiaoquan Easy-to-Clean PP Cutting Boards

ZhANG XIAOQUAN FLEXIBLE PP CUTTING BOARD – The plastic cutting boards measure 7 x 10 inches each and come with 4 per pack with a stand.They are the perfect way to quickly prep a meal and protect your countertops.The plastic is great for creating a funnel to quickly add foods while you cook. Even though they are pliable, these cutting boards are durable and can withstand years of cuts from your kitchen knives. For bulk cutting boards wholesale, contact Zhangxiaoquan

small paring knife set
small paring knife set
small paring knife
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Specifications Of Easy-to-Clean PP Cutting Boards

BrandZhang Xiaoquan
IconMeat, fish, vegetables andcooked food
Custom LogoYes
Custom PackagingYes
Package Weight1600g
Dimensions30 x 20 x 5cm

Features Of Easy-to-Clean PP Cutting Boards

  • Set of 4 plastic cutting boards with a plastic storage rack. Index-style tabs on boards indicate which food type they should be used for - raw meat, raw fish, vegetables or cooked food. Cutting different types of food on different cutting boards to avoid cross-infection. Colorful cutting boards with different icons help you make faster choices.


Gallery Of Easy-to-Clean PP Cutting Boards

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stainless steel paring knife
stainless steel paring knife sets
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