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Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors

Zhang Xiaoquan began to produce scissors in 1628, and was selected by the court because of its high quality. With the increase of productivity, technology and professional requirements for scissors, Zhang Xiaoquan gradually expanded tailor scissors and garden scissors, and finally formed four professional categories of kitchen scissors, household scissors, tailor scissors and garden scissors.

Scissors have always been a hot seller of Zhang Xiaoquan chinese kitchenware wholesale. Because of its high quality and strong practicality, many products have been on the shelves will appear sold out of the phenomenon, which also urges us to constantly develop more and better products for customers, only to meet more needs of customers.

Scissors Manufacturing Advantages


Zhang Xiaoquan has professional technical personnel, production personnel, quality inspection personnel, etc., and at the same time, there are strict testing standards, to ensure that the products sold are all high-quality products.

Accurate material selection

Zhang Xiaoquan will choose the most suitable materials according to the different needs of the products, so that customers can use them more easily.

Modern factory

  Zhang Xiaoquan has an intelligent scissors factory, which can reduce the production errors and production time.

Huge productivity

Zhang Xiaoquan has three bases, for different products, multiple production lines can be conducted together.

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors Materials Selection

Premium Steel: Zhang Xiaoquan scissors blades material will generally choose 3 Cr 13 stainless steel, which meets the characteristics of high hardness and high strength, but for some special requirements, such as high hardness pruner, Zhang Xiaoquan will choose SK5 steel to make it sharper.

Comfortable handle: The handle of Zhang Xiaoquan scissors will be made of comfortable materials, so that customers can not feel sour pain when holding the scissors for a long time.

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors Materials Selection

Scissors FAQs

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How long can the scissors last long?

How to ensure the quality of the scissors?

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