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Zhangxiaoquan Multi Functional Double Side Cutting Board With Built-in Knife

Zhang Xiaoquan dishwasher-safe cutting boards will be the best you've ever used. The cutting boards for meat are super easy to clean because they're nonslip cutting boards. These are sure to be the easiest to clean cutting boards you have ever owned. Buy cutting boards in bulk direct from Zhangxiaoquan supplier

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Specifications Of Multi Functional Double Side Cutting Board With Built-in Knife

BrandZhang Xiaoquan
Size36.8 x 26.6cm
FunctionKnife / Peeler / Scissors / Small grinding area
Custom LogoYes
Custom PackagingYes
Package Weight900g
Dimensions37.3 x 28 x 3.5 cm

Features Of Multi Functional Double Side Cutting Board With Built-in Knife


    Our kitchen cutting board is designed & created from the highest quality materials.


    The built in garlic grinder, knife, scissors, peeler will meet your need of any task in kitchen.

  • Raised Juice-Catching Lip

    A semi-angled cutting surface to help juice or liquids drain out of the way while you cut and to make cleanup quick and easy.


Gallery Of Multi Functional Double Side Cutting Board With Built-in Knife

thin paring knife
paring knife for baking
paring knife for meat
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