Zhang Xiaoquan Inc.
Zhang Xiaoquan Inc.

Zhang Xiaoquan Holding 2022 Semi-annual Work Report Meeting

On August 4th, the 2022 semi-annual work report of the company was held in the meeting room of Zhang Xiaoquan. More than 40 people attended the meeting, including President of Fuchun Holding Group, Executive Director of Zhang Xiaoquan Inc. Xincheng Zhang, general Manager of Strategic Operation Center of Fuchun Holding Group Liang Chen, President of Zhang Xiaoquan Inc.Qianliang Xia, Yongjian Wang, Jun Cui, Xianyu Wang, Li Zhou, Xinyao Zhang and other senior leaders of the company and major heads of each department.

Vice President Xianyu Wang to do the company's semi-annual business report. In the first half of the year, although affected by many adverse factors, such as the impact of the pandemic and the rise in material cost, the company as a leading kitchenware exporter maintained steady growth, especially the eye-catching sales data in June. He stressed that we should continue to focus on inventory and product management, establish a comprehensive planning system, build a new supplier supply management system, and build a competitive advantage in supply chain; In addition, SAP ERP as the annual key work, we hope that all departments actively cooperate to promote the smooth launch of the project.

Heads of all channels, business groups and departments make work reports for the first half of the year, and report on work highlights, main problems and improvement measures as well as key work for the second half of the year.

After reports, President Qianliang Xia analyzed the current situation facing the enterprise and put forward the requirements for the second half of the work.

First, to be fearless of difficulties and go retrograde.  All the past shows that Zhang Xiaoquan is a team with attitude, warmth and energy.  No matter how complicated and severe the external environment is, Zhang Xiaoquan people should unify their thoughts, unite and actively face every difficulty and challenge.

Second, quality - oriented, the original intention remains the same.   We should always practice Zhang Xiaoquan's concept of comprehensive quality development and realize continuous improvement of product, service, management and personality quality.   No matter how the market changes, Zhang Xiaoquan's attitude and action to quality requirements is eternal.

Third, we need to renew our momentum to move forward.   The company will launch the refresh project, from the top design to the bottom logic, from the strategic planning to the concrete implementation, the pursuit of more comprehensive, fine and long-term management, for the high quality development of the enterprise savings and development of new momentum.

Finally, President Xia said: "For Zhang Xiaoquan, confidence is more important than gold. Growth is our true purpose, and our original aspiration is our feelings!

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