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How to choose a kitchen knife?

We use the best kitchen knives to cook delicious food. As one of the kitchen utensils that we use most in our daily life. Whether it is a culinary novice or a chef, they all use kitchen knives. Many people have been dealing with kitchen knives for a long time, but they still don't know how to use them, and don't know how to distinguish them. Here's how to choose the best kitchen knives to give you the best cooking experience.

Whether the kitchen knife is good or not, first of all, has a lot to do with its sharpening ability. The softer the steel of the kitchen knife blade, the easier it is to sharpen, but the better the sharpening ability has a disadvantage, the easier it is to curl the edge, and It's just that the sharpness retention performance is not good, and the knife needs to be sharpened frequently. When we choose kitchen knives on weekdays, we mainly look at two places to distinguish whether the knife is of good quality, one is the blade body, and the other is the handle.

1. Blade of kitchen knife

The blade mainly focuses on sharpness and durability, and different brands of kitchen knives use different materials for their blades. Different materials lead to different blade hardness. At present, the kitchen knives on the market are made of many materials. The best types are Damascus steel and DIN1.4116 knives. Sharp cooking knife set has high sharpness and long wear resistance, but the only disadvantage is high cost. expensive. At present, some kitchen knives made of stainless steel 3Cr13 and composite steel are commonly used in the market. This kind of kitchen knife is cheap and hard, and has a wide range of applications and is very practical.

2. Knife handle of kitchen knife

When choosing a knife, the second thing to consider is the knife handle, the use of the kitchen knife. After all, what we want to hold is the knife handle, so the grip is also a standard of consideration for a good kitchen knife, which is very important. The handle of a good kitchen knife is best to use a high-quality colored wood handle, and the design curvature of the handle should also conform to the ergonomics of the human body. The grip is more comfortable, so that the kitchen knife is easier to use.

The above are the two main elements of choosing a kitchen knife, but we need to know that no matter how good a kitchen knife is, it must be well maintained. When the blade is sharpened and used, it cannot cut vegetables on metal, ceramics and ingredients. If the knife is not used with care, and if it is not cherished on weekdays, its lifespan will not be long.

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