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How do kitchen knives prevent rust?

We all need to cut vegetables when cooking, and a kitchen knife is one of the necessary utensils in our kitchen. The quality of the kitchen knife also determines whether the appearance of the dish is good enough. I believe that many people have encountered the problem of rusty kitchen knives. If the kitchen knife is rusty and continues to be used, it will not only affect the quality of the cut vegetables but also increase the possibility of cutting. So how do you want the menu not to rust easily? Next, kitchen utensils manufacturer Zhangxiaoquan will introduce a few methods for you, and teach you how to make the washed kitchen knife not easy to rust.

  • Method one:

To prevent kitchen knives from rusting, we need to wash and dry the kitchen knives after each use, because water vapor will make the kitchen knives rust.

  • Method Two:

We use a small amount of quicklime and add an appropriate amount of clean water, put the polished kitchen knife into the lime water in a container, take it out when in use, and put it in when not in use, so that it is clean and can prevent rust. In addition, pouring boiling water after each use can also prevent rust.

  • Method three:

After each use of the knife, wash it with clean water, and then carefully wipe both sides of the kitchen knife with a piece of old ginger. This method can not only prevent the kitchen knife from rusting but also sterilize it. After using the kitchen knife, you can soak it in light salt water for a while, so that ferric oxide can be formed so that there is a layer of ferric oxide on the surface of the kitchen knife so that it is not easy to rust.

  • Method four:

If the kitchen knife is not used for a long time, you can apply a layer of cooking oil on the surface of the kitchen knife, which can isolate the air and prevent rust.

The above is the specific solution for how to make the washed kitchen knife not easy to rust. I believe that everyone can learn it quickly through the understanding of the above content.

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